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Up Your K-Beauty Game with Urban DollKiss!

Up your K-Beauty game by getting to know more about this new Korean brand called Urban Doll Kiss! Learn more about its staggeringly vast array of impressive skincare and makeup products!

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Nail It with an Althea Box Full of Products from With Shyan!

Paint those nails like a pro from the comfort of your own home! Leave 'em looking oh so shiny and bright. Today, I'll let you in on my latest nail care treats so that you, too, can perfect your DIY mani-pedis whenever you want, however you want. Read on. To be honest, I don't consider… Continue reading Nail It with an Althea Box Full of Products from With Shyan!

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Pampanga Loves Mumuso!

Mumuso has finally arrived in Pampanga! I had initially wanted to visit the store at Marquee Mall with one of my most K-lifestyle obsessed friends, only she has been extremely busy these days, so I decided to visit it on my own on a Wednesday afternoon. Mumuso is located on the second floor, just beside… Continue reading Pampanga Loves Mumuso!

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Dear Morena,

For years I have struggled to accept myself. Ten-year-old me would awkwardly look in the mirror and constantly pine about that gap-toothed, chapped-lipped, dark-skinned, ridiculously thin little girl who had a ton of insecurities staring straight back at her.