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Up Your K-Beauty Game with Urban DollKiss!

If you’re a K-Beauty noob like me, then YouTube and KDrama are definitely your friends. I admit, I’ve hoarded quite a bunch of the most raved about skincare products since the start of 2017, thanks (or no thanks) to online shopping sites like Althea.

Let’s face it. There aren’t a lot of physical stores that sell Korean products in this part of the Philippines (although we do have The FaceShop, SkinFood, and Etude House) – until just this recently, when I’d stumbled upon this multi-brand kiosk at Marquee Mall. While the said kiosk houses most of the popular brands like Laneige, Innisfree, AprilSkin, etc., I did notice that its featured products are 15-20% pricier versus Althea. The stark price difference was enough to stop me from bringing out my wallet.

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_150653-1

The other week though, as I was taking a stroll at SM City Clark, another bright orange kiosk had caught my eye, but this time, it featured this new cosmetic line called Urban DollKiss, a brand exclusively carried by Beauty in Seoul. To be honest with you, I’d never heard of this brand before, but for a name that’s new to my ears, I’m pretty impressed with the staggeringly vast array of skin care and makeup products that Urban Doll Kiss features.

As with most Korean brands these days, all of Urban DollKiss’ products are packaged in such fun and colourful designs that I had to stop myself from impulsively buying everything that catches my eye.

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_150522

From BB and CC creams, cushions, and primers, to highlight and contouring sticks, felt-tip eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, and brow gel tints, Urban Doll Kiss knows exactly how to get you primed and prettified with its almost complete line of cosmetics. However, I didn’t dwell too much on the makeup department since I find that most of the shades, especially the foundations, don’t match my complexion.

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_171832

I must say that I had my heart full just by browsing the brand’s line of skincare products. Urban DollKiss packs in a lot of hand creams, eye creams, brightening packs, lip balms, foam cleansers, sheet masks, essences, and moisturizers, which I totally love.

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_173529

My Top 4 Faves

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_150627

The sheet mask addiction is real. I haven’t really warmed up to the idea of putting on sheet masks as part of my skincare routine. Because I receive masks as presents from family and friends, I honestly have no idea how expensive or cheap sheet masks should be, but at Urban Doll Kiss, you can pick up its Panda Synergy-Up Soothing Mask and Urban City Azulene Tone-Up Mask for only 99 pesos. The ones seen on the right side of the photo feature variants of the Baviphat Juicy Sheet Mask, which retail at 40 pesos. Not bad at all.

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_150550

These bright lippies are killing it. The Easylooks Soft Lipstick collection features ten beautiful shades that go from pretty pinks and corals to deep reds and browns. These shades are labeled as:

  • #01 Original Red
  • #02 Peach Orange
  • #03 Coral Grapefruit
  • #04 Milk Strawberry
  • #05 Blueberry Purple
  • #06 Hot Pinky Girl
  • #07 Lady Pink
  • #08 Rose Pink
  • #09 Cocoa Brown
  • #10 Top Brown

Retailing at 230+ pesos, these tubes are quite affordable. If I would have to choose from those ten shades, I’d definitely go for Cocoa Brown and Top Brown.

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_173348

Five primers to address different skin issues. If I am not mistaken, all of these primers currently retail at 528 pesos. While most of them will blur your pores, some of them double as colour correctors, and some can give you that much-needed sheen. Discover which primer works best for your skin. Oh and there’s one that has a silicone texture that feels a lot like the Benefit Porefessional Face Primer. Any of Urban DollKiss’ primers is a worthwhile investment if you ask me because you get 22.5 ml more for less than 700 pesos. Sweet!

Urban Doll Kiss20170707_150726

Agamemnon 24K Gold Emulsion. For 1,167 pesos (it’s quite pricey, I know), you get a 130ml liquid gold moisturizer packaged in a snazzy bottle. The emulsion may feel a little tacky upon application, but its overall consistency and fragrance were pleasant enough to make me take the product home with me. I’ll talk more about this impulsive splurge on my next blog entry.

If you want to hoard on Urban DollKiss’ bestsellers, which in my opinion would be the lippies, primers, eye makeup products, and sheet masks, be ready to spend as much as 1,000-1,500 pesos – or be like me and splurge on just one item like its Agamemnon 24K Gold Emulsion!

Overall, this chance encounter had definitely painted a bright smile on my face. Urban DollKiss is quite a beauty discovery for me. I’m just glad that more physical stores that cater to KBeauty fans such as myself are popping up these days. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of getting your hands on products that you want right away!

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