How I Scored My Anello Backpack…Is it Legit or Fake?

I have a penchant for minimalism and bright colours, which is why I love Anello. This trendy Japanese brand first caught my eye when I’d visited Singapore late last year, where people almost everywhere I looked had these bags slung over their shoulders. In retrospect, I do regret not buying one for myself, but thanks to the Internet, shopping it from the comfort of your own home is no longer a far-fetched idea.

The times we’re living in makes online shopping so easy that we often forget the risk that comes with such convenience. Because imitations of your favourite global brands spread like wildfire on social media these days, it’s too easy to fall prey to dishonest online resellers. Buying something of value from shady Facebook or Instagram accounts is unwise, whereas visiting a physical store remains most ideal.

But Since Anello is yet to open in the Philippines, I decided to get mine via Zalora.


One Anello canvas backpack (in WI) arrived at my doorstep just five days after I placed the order online. (Oh, don’t you love the feeling of opening a newly delivered package? It’s like sniffing the pages of a new book. It felt like Christmas in May. Haha.)

Now that everything’s been received and opened, I move on to the next part – the inspection. Is my newly purchased item legit or fake?


The logo must be printed and sewn on the centre. The Anello logo appears to to have been sewn right smack in the middle, thank goodness! I’ve encountered two variations of the Anello logo, but I’m not sure how many variations there are, exactly.

Mine says: “anello EST. 2005 CREATED TO IMPROVE LIFE GOOD FOR ALL SEASONS. DESIGNED BY CARROT CO. IN JAPAN.” Most batches I see now come with the black-squared label that says: “anello COM PO EVINHO, ANDA-SE CAMINHO. SINCE 2005”, followed by an image of two wine bottles intersecting to form a square in the centre. (If you’re wondering what those lines mean though. Beats me.)


The item comes with a complete set of tags. My Anello backpack came with three textured cards, held together by a plastic band around the handle.

  1. Brand Card contains the same text as in the logo. The back of this thick, roughly textured card reveals a glossy surface containing Anello’s social media and website.
  2. Attention Card is a folded glossy card filled with Japanese text. Of course, I have no idea what’s written. I can only assume that it reads as wash care instructions.
  3. Product Card, also the smallest, reveals the model number, colour, price, bar code, etc.


This rucksack boasts a deep brown interior. I can’t find the Anello backpack colour chart online, so I can’t tell for sure if mine adheres to the brand’s official colour combinations, but can I just say that I am so loving how these warm hues go together?!

Above all else, check the details. The item has a complete set of golden zippers, round rivets, and buttons. “CARROT CO.” was also engraved around the button’s edges. I see no major inconsistencies in the stitching, either.

I am convinced that the backpack I scored for a discounted price is legit. For a pricey brand, the size (26cm x 40cm x 18cm) is good enough for a munchkin like me who’s just graduated from packing nearly all my stuff everywhere I go, to packing ultra light. I’m happy that it can fit my laptop and other essentials in. Plus, the bag appears and feels thick enough to withstand the occasional drizzles. I have yet to test its water resistance, which would be a perfect feature, especially as we approach the rainy season.

That’s it. I hope this article will help you differentiate between real and fake Anello bags. As a general reminder, if the product you want can only be purchased online, then transact only via reputable online stores. Be a smart online shopper. Do your research, too. Better yet, wait until Anello Philippines‘ grand opening at Level 3 SM Megamall Fashion Hall this Friday.

Official Anello Philippines

I am sold on the whole Anello craze. Even my kawaii hamster plushie approves!


Enjoy your shopping at Anello!



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