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Pampanga Loves Mumuso!

Mumuso has finally arrived in Pampanga!

I had initially wanted to visit the store at Marquee Mall with one of my most K-lifestyle obsessed friends, only she has been extremely busy these days, so I decided to visit it on my own on a Wednesday afternoon.

Mumuso is located on the second floor, just beside True Value. If I remember it correctly, the space had been previously occupied by Tony and Jackey.

Visit us today at our 11th branch today at Marquee Mall Pampanga! Opens right now! We are just beside True Value!

A post shared by MUMUSO Philippines (@mumusoph) on May 13, 2017 at 7:08pm PDT

I knew in a heartbeat that I wasn’t going to leave the store empty-handed. It was so hard to take my eyes off Mumuso’s staggeringly vast array of cute items. From cosmetic products and tools ranging from CC Creams, facial sprays, lippies, and double eyelid stickers, to tech stuff like Bluetooth keyboards and speakers, and USB cables, and a whole bunch of other items like wallets, bags, and keychains – Mumuso is a haven of awesome things mixed with ones you probably don’t need but just gotta have.

I had actually forgotten to take decent enough photos, but do check out some of my snaps as I talk more about my Mumuso shopping experience.

This Mumuso Craze is so real that it can get a little crowded, and it doesn’t even matter what time you come in. You might, once in a while, expect to overhear shoppers talking about their exes or their beauty routine while you are doing your shopping (I’m speaking from an actual scenario earlier). Since everyone’s practically on vacation still, I wasn’t surprised to see a surplus of eager shoppers filling the stations. It felt as if I had to finish my shopping pronto – or supplies run out.

Double Eyelid Sticker Pack!

Yes, I repeat. Supplies run out pretty fast! I was checking out the Facial Mists section and stumbled upon these cheap Oil Control Spray cans. For some reason, I’d initially put off buying it because I wanted to make sure I’d run a quick scan of all the products prior to making my purchase. After just 30 minutes, the Oil Control Spray section was empty. How did that happen?! The saleslady nearby must have noticed my little panic attack and offered assistance. After asking for stocks of the said item, she went out of her way to get me a can from the stock room. Voila, within a few minutes, I have the item in my basket. She was an angel.


Neck Rests

Plushies and neck rests, everywhere. Labeled under Mumuso Life, these huggable items are priced at P 299.00. I’d pretty much like to live here, please, Mumuso.

Most of the packaging and the products are inspired by some of your cult Korean makeup favourites. I won’t name names. You’ll have to visit the store to find out for yourself. I would have gone for the serums – I saw stocks of AC and Propolis serums, each retailing at P 199.00. I’ll definitely get my hands on those items next time.


I can’t understand most of what’s written on the items though. Pretty much everything’s in Korean. Thankfully, the salespeople were generally quick on their toes and accommodating enough to assist customers with their inquiries.

Plushies and Beauty Tools

Finally, my first ever Mumuso haul. Since I was working on a small budget, I limited my purchase to just a pack of 20 makeup sponges (P 99.00), a can of Oil Control Spray (P 149.00), a set of multipurpose hair rollers (P 99.00) and a hamster plushie (P 299.00) – all for a total of P 646.00. Not bad at all. I can’t wait to try this facial mist and see if it lives up to its ‘oil control’ claim. I’ll have you know what I think of these products (except for the hamster plushie) when I get the chance.


I’ve plenty more reasons why Mumuso makes for an excellent shopping experience. As I am writing this entry, I can’t wait to go back and shop more interesting and useful items.

Have you visited Mumuso Marquee Mall? How was your Mumuso haul? Comment your experience down below.

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