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My First BeautyMNL Purchase

I’ve always dreaded online shopping. The mere thought of having to wait for days or weeks before your package arrives can be unsettling. Plus, paying online can be risky business. Call me a bit of an old-school millennial, but I am used to the traditional approach when it comes to exchange of goods – I pay over the counter and I get my products right away.

Thing is, the times are changing and online shopping has proven to benefit a lot of customers who have little or no time to go to the mall to spend hours going back and forth to survey the products they want to purchase. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love visiting your favourite department stores, some of the great brands you want are either unavailable or are exclusive overseas. And while we all have that favourite tita or cousin abroad who sends us makeup, skincare products, and fragrances when they visit the Philippines each year, sometimes there are products that you need ASAP!

Ever since online shopping sites like Zalora, Althea, and Beauty MNL started popping up, I would spend a grueling number hours scrolling down and tapping heart buttons to add to my wishlist or my virtual shopping cart, and as always I’d break my heart a little when I cancel my checkout. I don’t know if it’s just me, but trusting an online store can be a lot to take in.

I told myself 2017 has got to be the year I overcome my fear of online shopping. After two long years…I’ve finally conquered this fear, last Monday, when I placed my first-ever online order via BeautyMNL. Since I wanted to test the whole online shopping process out, I limited my shopping to items that I really need.

This COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence is a steal. I’m not a fan of whitening. I’m a proud morena, remember? But I have been looking for whitening products that effectively lighten, well, other parts of my body (shouts to my underarms). Essences are said to do wonders – I wonder. I honestly don’t how to feel about this product as I’ve been reading a lot of mixed reviews about its ‘whitening’ and ‘brightening’ claim. Well, who knows, really? I’m willing to give it a try. It might just work on my skin.
I was going to order this Korean product via Althea Philippines, but I noticed it’s always sold out. This COSRX product retails at P 1,120.00, and while both online sites are offering it at a discounted price, BeautyMNL is selling this baby for P 963.00, which is P 47.00 cheaper than the retail price via Althea.

EditI’m jumping on the dry shampoo bandwagon primarily because I want to avoid washing my hair too often. As someone who’s well on her way to her 30s, thinning hair is becoming a serious issue. So I figured that washing my hair every other day should sort of remedy that problem. However, my Day 2 hair can get especially oily, flat, and just icky. I want to see if dry shampoo can do just the trick. I don’t see this particular Dove Volume & Fullness product in any of the Watson’s stores near me, so I thought of getting one online. I’ll let you in on my thoughts about this product soon.


These Zoeva-inspired brushes from Brush Work are so soft! This eight-piece makeup brush set are good enough, given how affordable it is. I was going to get myself a Real Techniques Starter Pack and a Sculpting Brush Set, which retails at about P 1,150.00 and P 1,350.00 respectively, but I wasn’t ready to splurge on brushes, just yet. I asked myself why spend P 2,500 for eight brushes when you can get an 8-piece set for just P 799.00? Plus, the synthetic and goat hair bristles are the real deal here. My face is loving the feel of these brushes so far. According to BeautyMNL, this set contains the following:

  • Buffer Brush: Smoothly applies, blends, and buffs on base makeup for an airbrushed finish
  • Highlighter Brush: Effortlessly defines and highlights facial contours
  • Blush Brush: Sweeps on powder, blush, and bronzer to cheeks and skin
  • Eyeshadow Brush: Applies color along the lid with control and precision
  • Eyeshadow Blender Brush: Seamlessly blends colors together for a smooth, soft finish
  • Eyeshadow Brush (For Smoky Eyes): Helps diffuse eyeshadow to create the perfect smoky look
  • Wing Liner Brush: Draws on thin or thick lines along the lash line with precision
  • Brow Brush: Defines and fills in brows for a natural, full, polished look

If there’s anything I don’t like about these brushes, it’s the smell. I recommend washing these first to get rid of the odor and to make sure they’re clean. I’m definitely sold on the eyeshadow brushes as I have been experimenting on eyeshadow blending these days. I recently received a Profusion Smoky eyeshadow palette from a friend and hauled matte palettes from Sleek MakeUP. I can’t wait to get crazy with my peepers using these brushes.

I am replenishing my supply of my cult favourite sunscreen. I got my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 50+ for about P 525.00. I remember a former officemate recommending this product sometime in 2014, and it’s been my go-to sunscreen ever since. I like that it feels so light on the face. As a commuter who is exposed to the sun’s rays on a daily basis, I usually skip applying primers or moisturizers and use this instead as base for whenever I apply my makeup.

In summary, I’d spent a total of P 2,586.00, which had done enough damage to my savings, but I didn’t feel too bad about the splurge since I do need these products anyway.

Beauty MNL Haul

BeautyMNL’s step-by-step checkout process was seamless. The only concern that I had left after all the products had been paid and processed was to patiently await these babies to find their way to me. In the website, it says that deliveries fulfilled outside Metro Manila normally takes 5-7 working days. 5-7 days can feel like a long time for me, as I am a generally impatient and anxious person, but it did help that BeautyMNL religiously updated me via email and SMS.

Apparently, the BeautyMNL team assigns ‘Ninjas’ to deliver the packages straight to your home. I love how they call their couriers ‘ninjas’. I’d like to refer to them as ‘Beauty Ninjas’ because they’re like angels sent by makeup gods.

With the makeup gods’ blessing from up above, I received mine today. Below is a screencap of the messages I’d received from NXSMS. The package could have arrived yesterday, but the Beauty Ninja assigned to my area was gracious enough to inform me that she had to postpone the delivery due to the inclement weather. Other than that slight hassle on her part, mainly, she was friendly enough, and she didn’t leave until I’d made sure the items I ordered were complete.


All in all, I’d say I had a pretty remarkable first BeautyMNL purchase. It really helped that the team had sent out email and SMS updates from time to time. This made the whole waiting game a lot more bearable.

I will definitely purchase from them again. I’ll just need to be a little more keen on their promos, discounts, and freebies the next time. I must say, this online shopping phenomenon is so real, it’s addictive. I’d actually just finished placing my orders via Zalora and Althea Philippines. Dear lord. Please bless my wallet.

By the way, BeautyMNL is giving away free Baroness masks for a limited time only. Get yours while supplies last.

Get a FREE Baroness Mask on any order with no minimum purchase required! 😍 Hurry, ladies! Limited stock only! SHOP NOW 👉🏻 *Limited to 1 freebie per user only. Freebie depends on availability. No minimum purchase required. While supplies last.

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How did your BeautyMNL online shopping go? Share your experience down below.

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